What's involved

T2S is managed by voluntary Trustees who meet monthly to make decisions about the
running of the organisation on behalf of our members. Trustees are ultimately responsible for the correct running of the charity and are the employers. Members elect the Trustees at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). They can also be co-opted between AGMs. Any family member, volunteer or other interested person can apply to be elected a Trustee.

Trustees are unpaid and must not gain any financial benefit from their association with the Charity unless specifically agreed by the Governing body (trustees) and with the written agreement of the Charity Commission.

The Trustees have the power to co-opt sub-committees to perform specific tasks e.g. fund raising or looking at personnel issues or to act as advisory or research bodies for the Trustees. These groups may then be disbanded when their specific function has been achieved. The people on these groups do not become Trustees and therefore have no voting rights at meetings.