Volunteering is rewarding….

….don’t take our word for it. Time2Share receives lots of great feedback about the positive difference you are making to their lives:

“He really enjoys her company and we do too, it’s wonderful, she just has this way with him.”
“They’re really good buddies, I can’t speak highly enough of her. She is a very good influence.”
“He’s so good for the whole family he’s like a breath of fresh air. Every family should have one.”

“Volunteering for time2share changed my life! I had no experience with children with special needs and through this I was offered respite work with the family then work tutoring the child which then led me into my career and now I tutor many children with autism.” Jess, NE Somerset Volunteer

So why volunteer?
Many disabled young people can find it difficult to join in with social activities without support. This means they rely on their parents/carers and find it hard to go out with friends and become more independent. This can lead to isolation for both the young person and the parent/carer.

Most of us know how important our social life is. We value going out, meeting up with friends and doing what we enjoy. For disabled young people, the opportunity to go out with someone new or different can have a hugely positive impact.

  • There are lots of different ways to volunteer.
  • There are many benefits of volunteering.
  • Volunteering is not only rewarding – it is fun too!

Considering volunteering?
If you are not a volunteer with Time2Share why not contact us. We can tell you everything you need to know. Check our next page Start Volunteering how applying works and what happens next.

You can email us: info@time2share.org.uk or telephone on 0117 941 5868

Lastly, and wholeheartedly, we’d like to say….
….a big “THANK YOU” to all our volunteers for everything you do!