Videos Related to Autism

To look at the phenomenal You Tube Video Click: Carly Fleischmann

Carly was diagnosed with autism, oral-motor apraxia and cognitive delay as a child. Through years of persistent therapy and hard work, Carly learned to spell and her voice eventually found its way out. Today she types with one finger, and shares the truths and mysteries (as she calls it) of autism.

Although she still struggles with OCD and communication challenges, Carly has proven that you can’t judge a person by appearance: her IQ has been confirmed to exceed 120 and her “inner voice” is funny, insightful and passionate. Rather than being placed in supported living, Carly now attends a mainstream high school where she takes advanced and gifted classes.

Her memoir, Carly’s Voice is in production with Simon & Schuster and is available online or at popular book retailers. Please visit Carly’s Voice

Rosie’s Story
My Autism and Me

In this Newsround Special, 13-year-old Rosie takes viewers into her world to explain what it’s like to grow up with autism – a condition which affects how children see life, and the way they relate to others around them.

With the help of beautifully crafted animation, Rosie introduces other children who have the condition: Tony, who gets totally obsessed with things but struggles to make friends, Ben, who has suffered from terrible bullying, and Rosie’s own little brother Lenny, who turns the house upside-down daily to try and make sense of things.

These children tell their own stories in their own words to give a vivid and moving insight into what it’s like to be autistic.

It’s a condition that affects the way you live your life and see the world around you.
Our presenter Rosie was born with autism. She says even though living with it is difficult, it makes her unique and who she is.

As well as telling her own story, you’ll find out how Ben, Tony and Lenny are affected by the condition.

Lots of children with autism get bullied at school and can find it hard to get jobs when they grow up.
In our special film Rosie wants to tell the world what autism is and what it’s like to live with it.