BRISTOL The Zookah! Group

Bristol ZOOKAH! Group

We’ve been running a youth group for teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome for 6 years in Bristol. The current age range is 17-25 years old. The group is for young people with Asperger’s or High Functioning Autism (without learning difficulties or with mild learning difficulties).

The aim of the group is to support young people who would like a social life on Friday evenings and would otherwise be isolated. Young people to steer the direction of the group and are encouraged to explore their interests, as well as trying new things.

The group’s interests tend to be along a science fiction and fantasy direction, and Nintendo games and somebody with similar interests would fit more easily into the group. They are also quite creative and we make time for animation, creating short films and recording music.

There are 2 different sessions each month.

Youth Club, Felix Road Adventure Playground.

This session is held at a typical youth venue. The session offers creative projects and games, cooking, table tennis and pool.

Going out sessions, Venue varies.

Every 6 months we have a planning meeting and young people discuss where they want to go for these activities. Popular destinations are cinema, laser quest, bowling, archery and meals out.