Befriending in Bath

Time2Share is currently looking for volunteers to become befrienders to disabled children and young people in Bath. We link volunteer befrienders to offer 1:1 support, company and fun activities. This gives parents / carers the opportunity to have a short break and some time out from their caring role.

The children we support range from under 3’s to young people in their late teens, who have a wide range of interests, so we are looking for a range of volunteers as well. Below are specific volunteer ads for some young people who want their volunteer to share their interests. However if these aren’t you, please still get in touch as we are have more young people waiting who just want to do art activities, cook, go to the cinema or just out for a walk or a hot chocolate!

How does That Work Then?
If this is something you frequently find yourself asking, you might be just the person we’re looking for. We need a male befriender of any age for a 14 year old boy in Twerton. He’s a really intelligent and sensitive guy who enjoys taking things apart to see how they work.

I Need a Man!
We’re looking for a positive male role model for a 5 year old Black Caribbean boy with Autism who loves sport and music. We’d love to hear from men of any age, but you’ll need to be pretty active to keep up with him! This young man is very astute and it’s important for him to know that you’re genuine and want to be his friend. Ideally you’ll also have an understanding of the Black Caribbean culture.

Are You Completely Quackers?
A 5 year old boy with Autism living in central Bath would like a male befriender to take him to the park to feed the ducks. He also enjoys swimming and trampolining and he’s a bit of a live wire, so you’ll need to be pretty fit.

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