Who Are We?

Pat Cadey- Chair

After training as a nurse in the mid to late sixties, I embarked on a career of looking after children in one way or another, either as a nurse, nanny, foster parent, child minder and as a parent to 2 adopted children. I went on to have 4 children of my own to add to our ever growing family. I also have 8 Godchildren, one of whom has Down’s syndrome.
My own children have grown up with, and greatly benefited from our close relationship with Suzie, my “special” Godchild, and have witnessed at first hand the struggle she has been through to make her mark in life like everyone else. She now lives independently with support.
My youngest son became a volunteer with Time2Share whilst at college in 2003, and it was at that point that I realized the wonderful work being undertaken, and what a difference it can make to take a short break, and to know that someone cares enough to make that happen. I became a Trustee about 10 years ago. I became a trustee in March 2012, then acting Chair of the charity in March 2013, taking over the role of Chair at the AGM in September 2013. I am now responsible for overseeing the running of the charity. I support our Managing Director and staff, raising our profile in the community and inform and help guide the trustees in managing the charity. Our trustees are all enthusiastic and totally committed to improving the lives of the children and their families that we support.
My new little granddaughter Ruby, now almost 2, has been diagnosed with Angelman syndrome. Now she and our family receive the very welcome support of a befriender which has helped enormously as we all come to terms with supporting a profoundly disabled child.

Eric Broussine – Vice Chair

I am currently a senior lecturer in learning disabilities nursing at the University of the West of England and have been for over 20 years. I have been a learning disabilities and mental health nurse for over 35 years and have a wealth of experience both nationally and internationally with people with learning disabilities and mental health needs. I have been a trustee of Time2share since 2010 and my principle responsibilities are centred on staffing issues, training and development and making small contributions to the running of the charity.

Being a trustee and befriender enables me to apply what I teach into practice because I am also involved in coordinating and supporting student nurses onto family placements. Being involved with the charity also gives me some degree of credibility with the students as they know that I am involved at a practical and not just a theoretical level. I enjoy sharing my experiences and offering Learning Disability practice principles with other trustees whenever necessary.


Currently vacant

Ruth Butcher – Secretary

I am a registered general nurse and a registered sick children’s nurse.

I started volunteering as a befriender for Time2Share in 1999. My first link lasted for 2 years and my second link started in 2002 and is still going strong and the lovely young man is now 18 years old and has become part of our family. He feels very comfortable in our home and my children have grown up with him.

I have been a trustee since 2006 and have enjoyed meeting with the other trustees and sharing experience and knowledge with people from varied backgrounds. My job is with another local charity working with disabled children and their families, and I have learnt a lot since being a trustee about how a charity works, and I bring to the trustee meetings my knowledge of being an employee of a charity.

John Dolton – Trustee – Vice Chair
I am a Human Resources Director and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. I have 30 years’ professional experience in a number of engineering sectors and, more recently, medical technology. Although I have lived in Bristol since 1990, I have not been based locally (for work) for over 10 years. I wanted to “reconnect” with life in the city and thought that joining a local charity would be a great way to do this. I chose Time2Share from a few possibilities and was pleased to be accepted as a Trustee in September 2012. I was equally pleased to be made Vice Chair in February 2014.

The Board of Trustees collectively has a wealth of experience in healthcare and charity work, things I am sadly lacking. However, I believe that my experience in business, not just HR, but as a member of senior management teams, helps me to bring a different and useful perspective to the Board.

Away from work and Time2Share, I am a keen cyclist and am also a volunteer front rider for Two’s Company, an initiative of Bristol based cycling charity Life Cycle, where I take blind, visually impaired or disabled young people riding on my tandem.

Judy Carter

I trained as a Nursery Nurse many years ago, and my first love has always been children, particularly children with additional needs.I worked for nearly 20 years in the licensed trade with my first husband, indeed our two daughters spent their formative years living in a pub! Sadly my husband died at the very young age of 54. After his death I decided to return to my first love- small children. Over the years I have worked in hospitals, nurseries, schools and playgroups. I am now retired. I am a befriender to a young lad through Time2Share which I really enjoy. I have been with him about 3 years. I became a Trustee about 2 years ago. I am very committed to and enthusiastic about Time2Share, continuing to support the charity in every way I can. Working with the other Trustees is very rewarding – never boring!